Solis is a transformational clothing company, committed to empowering people with depression.

We might make clothes, but we sell hope.

Hope that brighter days will come, no matter how dark they may seem now.

Each product is a physical reminder that you have the power to change your current reality.



When you wear Solis you are making a commitment to yourself to change.

You're saying enough is enough.

I'm fed up with feeling this way.

I've had enough of these negative self-beliefs.

I'm tired of this constant self-loathing.

I deserve better.



We know Solis isn't for everyone.

But it is for you.

If you are tired of being depressed.

If you want to feel something different.

If right now, you can't see a way out, or a way forward.

If you want more.

It is for you if you want change.

If you want a brighter future for yourself.

If you are committed to doing whatever it takes to change your reality.

If you want more.

Make a statement to yourself.


"Depression is in part a submission response"

Johann Hari



Don't submit to depression.

Don't let it ruin your friendships, and/or your family life.

Don't let it dictate the way you think and feel about of yourself.

Stand up.

Fight back.

At Solis, we believe that your biggest enemy is yourself.

That it is you that determines your reality.

It is you who controls your thoughts.

It is you who creates your emotions.

And we believe you have the power to change them.

We believe your life can only truly change once you understand that you are only a victim of yourself, and that only by changing the way you think, and the way you talk to yourself, you can begin to heal yourself.

It’s going to be hard.

You are going to have to break patterns that have been long ingrained, and have become automatic.

But you owe this to yourself.

It's time to say "F**k depression! I'm not going to live like this any more".


"I myself am the enemy that must be loved"

Carl Gustav Jung



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