To transform the lives of those living with depression.



To provide those living with depression with a brand that represents them - that understands, supports, encourages and empowers them, and provides them with hope that brighter days will come, no matter how dark they may be now.

We want people to remember each time they wear Solis that they are worthy, that they do deserve better, and they have the power to change their reality.

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Hi, I'm Justin, the founder of Solis.

​Depression has been a big part of my life, having suffered from it for as long as I can remember. I've always felt like a black cloud was following me.

I know that from the outside I appear to have a good life, with very little to complain about - I am very lucky in that I have a beautiful wife and two gorgeous little girls who love me, and I have a place to call home.


However, despite this, I have struggled to find enjoyment or happiness in my life.

I feel as though I've just been operating at surface level for years -that depression has left me a shell of the person I once was.

I can admit it now, but I've actually hated myself. I didn't think that I deserved anything - love, attention, success, money, friends. It's exhausting.

However, recently I realised how much of my life I've wasted to depression and I decided that I'm not going to live this way anymore.

I vowed to reclaim my life and challenged myself to become the best person I can be, to break my self imposed limitations and do the things I thought I didn't deserve or was too scared to do.

​It's been a long journey, and I've had to work hard.

And yet, whilst it has taken longer than I had hoped, I feel happier now than I have done in a long time.

In fact, I was recently able to look at myself in the mirror and honestly tell myself "I love you".

I'm not sure I've ever been able to do that.


l believe I was only able to do this once I realised it is about me.

That I can only rely on myself to be happy.

That I hold the power to create the life I desire, or the life I dread.

That by changing my thoughts about myself an the world I can live a radically different life, full of hope and love.

Part of my journey has been the realisation that I want to create something of value, something that will help others who are going through the same thing as me.

I realised that when I I searched the web for a brand that represented me, my pain and my need for hope I couldn't find anything that met all my needs.

That's why I created Solis - a brand for people with depression, by someone with depression.


I chose the name Solis as it means Sun in Latin.

And our logo, with the sun appearing from behind a cloud, exresses both a message of hope for the future - a need to believe that brighter days will come in your darkest days, and represents the eternal battle between light and darkness - with the darkness representing depression, and the light representing a potential future without suffering.

​In the Buddhist tradition, the analogy of the sun appearing from behid the cloud is also used to explain the discovery of enlightenment, which I hope you will find on your journey.

I know that everyone's story is different, and that we each have different causes for our depression.

I certainly do not claim that Solis will be able to "cure" your depression, and I strongly believe that the battle against it will be a life-long process, but I truly hope Solis provides you some solace in your time of great sadness.

With love,