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Ex tenebris lux - from darkness, light

Depression has been called "the gateway to the soul".

Just as a candle needs fire to burn, so man needs a spiritual life to live.

Homosapiens - the man that knows

The source of all suffering is a lie - buddha

Joseph Campbell- “The Gods are dead, and the lines of communication between the conscious and the unconscious zones of the human psyche have been cut, and we have been split in two.

Before one can grow spiritually one must first eliminate old ideas and limitations. As the Zen Buddhists say "only an empty bowl can be filled".

Yin yang- male and female energy. 

Male energy is focused and female energy is creative and random. 

Neither is greater or weaker than the other. 

***Female side is emotion side - hence so important for men to embrace female side. To create that union. 

Energetic blockages can manifest as depression 

When our emotions, our bodies, our minds and our spiritual drive all work together in unison with each other and sing the same song they allow for a spiritual transformation to begin - Christ consciousness

The purpose of its tests is to oblige it to sacrifice its lower to its Higher self, its ego to its Soul.(3) Conflicts must be created, battles must ensue and the darkness must be exposed so that Scorpio can emerge triumphant in the light of its own consciousness.(4)

Distortions of our emotional energy trap our Soul in the astral plane. Whatever is not cleared in the astral will draw us back to the earth plane. This is often referred to as working out our karma. Our human challenge is to liberate our Soul into the Light of Spirit. Only then do we free ourselves from the earthly cycle of birth and death. The more we befriend our emotions, the easier it is to find the Light and the Love we seek within ourselves. In fact, we discover that our emotional energy is the rich substance of our Soul. When we achieve peace within ourselves and "die" in peace, we have achieved our own immortality.

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